Cut Vest

Your hog hunting dog needs protection, and we’ve got just the answer.  Our vests are three and five layers thick, depending on what kind of dog you need protection for.  Straps and buckles keep the vest in place, and offer several adjustments for a proper fit (NO VELCRO).  There is sufficient allowance for movement, venting, and circulation.  Your dog can wear these vests in the woods or bay pen all day.  When selecting a vest, you will need to measure your dog, behind the front legs, and all the way around the chest.  The girth area.  Our cut vests are available in three styles:   Regular, Short, and High-Neck.


Regular Vest (RV)

$57.00$67.00 Select options

Short Vest (SV)

$52.00$62.00 Select options
Zeb blackvest

High Neck Vest (HV)

$62.00$72.00 Select options
Dot Bird Vest

Bird Vest (BV)

$30.00 Select options
Deer Vest (1)

Deer Vest (DV)

$30.00 Select options

Catch Vest

$75.00 Select options

Cut Collars

Worried about the vital neck area of your hog dog?  The Cut Collar protects the neck better than anything!  Your choice of 4″ or 5″ wide, made from industrial felt, and wrapped in the same fabric as the vest.  Double buckles hold it securely in place, a D-ring to fasten your leash/lead to, and also loops to run your tracking system collar or name collar through.  When ordering a cut collar, a neck measurement is what is needed.  Colors available are:  Black, Day Glow Orange and Olive Drab.


Tracking Collar and Unit Protector

$36.00$39.00 Select options

Alpha/Tracking Cut Collar

$57.00 Select options

Cut Collar

$25.00 Select options


No more black tape, mule tape, or rope needed!  Just push the webbing back through the D-rings to make a loop on both ends.  Put one loop over the front leg and one on the opposite back leg in a criss-cross fashion, over the ankles,  repeat on other legs.  Your hog won’t loose circulation, and become lame.  He can get up and wobble around, but can’t get away.  Once you try them, you’ll love them! 


Hobbles Set A

$10.00 Add to cart
hobbles set B

Hobbles set B

$12.00 Add to cart

Hobbles Set C

$15.00 Add to cart


Make any leash/lead able to hold two or three dogs!  Easier to carry than several leashes— just put it in your pocket.  Hook your leash to the O-Ring, and you’re ready to go.

Dog Couplers

Dog Coupler

$7.00$10.00 Select options


cloth leash

Cloth Leashes

$10.00$12.00 Select options
cable leads

Cable Leads Leashes

$12.00$14.00 Select options
bulldog leash

Bulldog Leash

$10.00 Select options