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Hunting Products

At Bay Head, we make hunting products that are rugged, simple, and easy to use. We keep your needs in mind as well as the protection of your dogs.

Cut Collars

Worried about the vital neck area of your hunting dog? The Cut Collar protects the neck better than anything! Your choice of 4" or 5" wide, made from wet felt, and wrapped in 3-ply material. Double buckles hold it securely in place, a D-ring to fasten your leash/lead, and also loops to run your tracking collar through. When ordering a cut collar, a neck measurement is what is needed. We add 4" to make sure it is a proper fit.

Hog Hobbles

A Hunting Must! No more tape or rope needed! Just push the webbing back through the O-ring to make a loop on both ends. Put one loop over the front leg and one on the back leg in a criss-cross fashion, repeat on other legs. Your hog won't loose circulation, and become lame. He can get up and wobble around, but will not get away. Once you try them, you'll love them!


We breed Black Mouth Curs' for ourselves and friends, and on occasions, we have pups and dogs for sale.

Cut Vest

Our vests are made from 3-ply material. Straps/buckles keep the vest in place, and offer several adjustments within the webbing. There is sufficient allowance for movement, venting, and circulation. Your dog can wear these vests in the woods or bay pen all day. When selecting a vest, you will need to measure your dog, behind the front legs, around the chest. Our cut vests are available in three styles, and three colors: Regular, Short, and High-Neck are the vests, Black, Orange, and Camo, are the colors.


Make any leash/lead able to hold two or three dogs! Easier to carry than several leashes--- just put it in your pocket. Couplers are made from heavy duty webbing. Available colors: black, red, blue, yellow, orange, and camo.

Hot Products

We make hunting products that are rugged, simple, and easy to use.

About US

Welcome to Bay Head Cut Vests & Kennels. We take pride in the dogs we run and the products we make. We are proud members of the Foundation Black Mouth Cur Breeders Organization, Inc. (FBMCBO), the Southern Black Mouth Cur Breeders Association (SBMCBA), the United Kennel Club (UKC), and the National Kennel Club (NKC). We strive to keep the hunting and breeding standards at the best quality possible. We do this through selective breeding. We hunt hogs, so that’s what we breed for.

We have several types of dogs, but believe the Black Mouth Cur to be the best of the best. Very versatile, they are used for hunting hogs, herding, and hunting big and small game. They also make great pets, we breed for the BEST hog dog possible.

All of our hunting products are simple, durable, and easy to use. We use them and believe in them. Our friends use them and believe in them, as well. So, we’ve made them available to the public. No factories, no hired help, just a one man operation — actually, a one WOMAN operation.

Thanks for stopping by and please take your time browsing our pages. Visit us often… things are ALWAYS changing!

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